on martes, 3 de julio de 2012

Eight bodies play through space forming a meta-performative society to fictitiously parallel that of our own contemporary social positioning. Bringing into light the communicability of the “body”, it is the experience in real time from which we can animate sentiment. In what ways does the body serve as a mode of communication? The skin, gesticulation, and presence of our bodies fall to the wayside of spoken language but nevertheless serve as a complimentary and vital factor of communicability. What can the body say about the body and in what ways is our physicality controlled on and individual and massive level?
Using the capabilities of the body (sight, smell, touch, taste, and hearing) can we detect and observe the position of that acting and reacting body we call ours? We perform the performance of everyday life to expose the overlapping compliments and contradictions of our ontology.

Helicoid by Mollie Morrow was performed during Swab days, for those who miss it you can see some pictures in here, enjoy it!!