on viernes, 25 de mayo de 2012

This new year, Swab Barcelona will have a new space, the Plaza Universo, providing access to the Fair from Avenida Maria Cristina, which will enable the organization of artistic activities in the same fairgrounds. The aim of these activities is to offer the possibility to young emerging artists to present their work in the context of an international art fair. Therefore, we present two projects that we began in this fifth edition in the hope of consolidating for subsequent editions.
With the participation of emerging urban artists from the ADB project (Barcelona Art District), a creative explosion, curated by Arcadi Poch, Kognitif, that will offer the chance to see the creation and development process of emerging artists interventions  from cities such as Barcelona, Valencia, Bilbao, New York, San Francisco and Sao Paulo, and art students from schools such as Eina, IDEP, La Llotja, Pau Gargallo and the Faculty of Fine Arts, University Barcelona. The confirmed artists are
Lucas, Spogo, Clara Nadal, Joaquim, Brusco, Jorge Ro, Vinz, Limow, Aryz, Inocuo, Lo siento, Kenor, Zosen, Dixon, Dave, Oriol Moragrega, Aleix Gordo, Difusor, Ivana Flores, Dyox, Misnines, Ainize Txopitea, Xupet, Uri, Mateo Fumero, Xavi Sert, Pablo Marfá, Kike Mestre, Marco Gasser, Alex Gordo&Jalón, Kram, Michael Bevilacqua, Jens-Peter Brask and Ulrik Schiodt.

In collaboration with Tina Zlieger, a U.S. Commissioner, will present ART BOX, an art project consisting of a set of ten boxes of wood about 2×2 m, to be painted by 10 emerging artists and to be installed in the Plaza Universo. The visiting public can view and buy the boxes during the days of the Fair.

Pictures by Rocío Cintrón.