on jueves, 26 de abril de 2012

Arponera is a young trio made ​​up with the components of  Cierzo and Tu Madre, listening to their songs is like telling ghost stories at night time with your class mates when you’re eight years old, you are sleeping in a gloomy attic, as the perverse use of a lullaby  in a psychological horror movie, and even as those hasty between teenagers fascinated by the rotten makings of nature and the invisible. They opt for ripping the skin to melancholy and leave to the open air songs that, even though you might not think it, do not recur to the rawness and rudeness, but to a sweet darkness, with lyrics able to make you feel an atavistic fascination, primitive and nearly unexplicable.
Their first LP was released only in a digital format and under the license of Creative Common on December 3th, 2011.

Arponera concert
Saturday 26th  7.30pm
Swab Art Fair