on viernes, 10 de febrero de 2012

Swab Barcelona 2012 presents Vending Art Machine (VAM), art project designed and developed by Oficina36, platform for art work management and representation of emerging artists living in Barcelona.

VAM claims to reflect on the contemporary art market system and its relationship with the emerging art and society.VAM is an exhibition project that acquires the language, strategies and elements of the communication and the marketing present at the consumer society. The commercial activity of the project is carried out through a vending machine. This mechanism allows us through an easy and attractive way to acquire an artistic production of the finalists artists of the Talking Artist program of Swab Barcelona 2012.

VAM is one of the projects in the Talking Artist program of Swab Barcelona 2012. There will be several activities within this program, among which we highlight the conversations and debates between young artists participating in Swab Barcelona 2012 and young curators about their creation and the latest trends in art.

This year we have also created two new Awards for the Galleries participating. The Three awards of Swab Barcelona 2012 will be:
The Drawing Prize, as in every edition, it will consist on the acquisition of a drawing of an artist participating in Swab Barcelona 2012 for the Emerging Contemporary Art Collection Diezy7
The Best Gallery Prize, consisting on the acquisition of an artwork from the winning Gallery for the Art Collection of Banco Sabadell Foundation

The Mango Young Artist Prize, consisting in the acquisition of an artwork of the winning artist for the Contemporary Art Collection of MANGO.

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