on viernes, 13 de enero de 2012

Talking Artist involves the presentation of the work of 10 artists participating in Swab Barcelona 2012 through its galleries, born after 1980. These 10 artists are selected by 5 young curators specialized in emerging art:
- Juan Canela, independent curator, member of the curatorial collective Azotea. Barcelona
- Blanca de la Torre, curator of the Basque Museum of Contemporary Art, Artium.Vitoria
Direlia Lazo, independent curator. La Habana, Barcelona
- Eduardo Garcia Nieto, cultural mediator. Head of Education at the Montehermoso’s Cultural Center. Vitoria
- David Armengol, independent curator, coordinator of the direction of A*STUDY by A*DESK. Independent Institute of Criticism and Contemporary Art.

Selection will be made in the month of March in order for artists to present the work as proposed by Oficina 36.
Talking Artist will present 2 activities:
1. Talks by artists
They will be carried out in three days (Thursday, Friday and Saturday) with scheduled interventions. All interventions will be moderated by curator Mónica Álarez Careaga, regulating the individual presentation of each artist chosen by the curator or collector, together with an explanation of the reasons for the selection as well as various topics such as: presentation of the artist and its working methods, forms of expressions and implementation of the plastic work. His work will also be screened and discussed in a opened debate with the audience.
The duration of this activity is one hour per artist.
2. Vending Art Machine
The Vending Art Machine, VAM, wants to reflect on the consumerism of Art. The term consumerism within the artistic sphere can be analysed in two ways. On the one hand, we might refer to visual or intelectual consumerism of art, through the participation in art projects, attendance at art spaces and events, and secondly, the main subject of the project, marketing, market and collecting contemporary art.
The project will be an exhibition of 10 individual art projects, produced by a selection of emerging artists of Swab Barcelona 2012. The subject of the art projects is free.
The visiting public will be able to immediately purchase the product, and know all the aspects that surround it: author, creative process and concept.
VAM becomes an installation of television screens, which form a visual pastiche typical of malls, and a vending machine.The  television screens allow us to know the concept and the creative process of the work presented by each artist. Each artist will have a television media to promote its work among the visiting public.
The vending machine has the same meaning and original use of the object: the sale of products. But the product offered changes in this project : works of art. By this device the visitor can purchase a work easily and quickly.
The installation is complemented by graphical information about the project, artists and works.
Talking Artist is a project curated by Mónica Álvarez Careaga and organized by Oficina 36.