on viernes, 16 de septiembre de 2011

Hanno Millesi Performance invites you to one of Hanno Millesi’s performative readings in public space. It is part of the new programme SwabOFF, which will take place in different areas of the city of Barcelona  before, during and after the art fair. The aim is to give more visibility to new artistic initiatives and upcoming contemporary art and and to bring it closed to the citizens of Barcelona.

Hanno Millesi is a Vienna based writer of fiction, who combines several artistic methodes, strategies and categories of art in his work. In public appearances he sometimes uses fragments of the text he is going to read, using them in the tradition of action-lectures of the 60s or interdisciplinary working artists as Marcel Broodthaers.

His text “Methode Mensch” (Method Human Being), which does exist in a Spanish translation, quotes war orientated slogans taken from secret messages, written by members of the Rote Armee Fraktion (RAF). The terrorists exchanged these messages being in prison to convince themselves and one another of their definite will to keep up with what they considered as their unbroken will to believe in their ideals and to fight. Millesi puts their words in his own context, in which somebody wants to start his own small business and therefore takes these expressions of resolution as social advice.

Photo – Squatting Plaça de Catalunya © Ralf Schmitt 2011