on sábado, 14 de mayo de 2011

Swab: small piece of a absorbent material attached to the end of a stick or wire.
Swab will gather 50 galeries from around the world between May 26 and May 29 of 2011 in Barcelona.
SWAB was founded in 2006 by Contemporary Art Space from Barcelona Diezy7, a private, Contemporary Art Collection with the support of renowned national and International galleries.  This great cultural event also has the support of the City of Barcelona and the Generalitat de Catalunya.
SWAB was conceived out of the collections’ desire to affect positive cultural change through Contemporary Art. The four day Art Fair and it’s satellite events fulfill a number of social objectives with a programme that creates a cultural bridge between Catalunya and the rest of the world.
Swab brings together a carefully curated selection of participating international galleries, chosen because they focus on presenting works by younger, emerging, contemporary art stars – most of who were born after the 1970′s.  Swab is a highly respected Art platform, built to give this new generation of artists the opportunity to have their work seen by members of the public, and the global art community, including: leading art collectors, dealers, press and curators.
In return, Swab ensures that everyone is given the chance to enjoy these wonderful pieces, works that normally would not be accessible to them.  It also presents the breadth of contemporary art available and hopes to inspire new collectors by offering top quality art at affordable prices.
Swab returns to Barcelona for it’s fourth year, once again growing in scale and reputation, with 50 galleries from around the world signed up to participate, making SWAB 2011 bigger and better than ever before.
Swab2011 will also see the launch of many new initiatives; the fair will be moving to a new venue, enabling twice as many people to visit the fair.  It is also running a parallel programme of cultural activities under the SwabOFF including several fund-raising enterprises for Barcelona based charities that work with children.
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